recognition of a foreign qualified qualification within a wellness profession.

The physical celebration website traffic (see below) potential from Monday, Could 18, 2020 by appointment only (by phone or e-mail) having a clerk with mitzubringender and wearing protective mask again. Please usually do not escorts. The Shortened recognition procedure (one-stop) will remain until further notice suspended. Applications for recognition can nonetheless be introduced in writing by post.Recognition.Basic recognition procedures.Conditions for use of particular non-medical wellness professionals within the Ministry of capstone nursing projects Social Affairs, Overall health, Care and Consumer Protection:You have completed coaching in an EU Member State in an EEA member state or within the Swiss Confederation effectively and possess a diploma, certificate or other evidence of formal for this country or you own a third country diploma and are in an EU Member State in a EEA member state or the Swiss Confederation to exercise the acceptable well being professional authorized and possess a proof of no less than 3 years’ legal and relevant qualified activity in the territory of that State.

What will be the health professions are covered, you can actually see in the attached info sheet: recognition of certain non-physician overall health professionals (PDF, 122 KB)Material on the recognition and which documents are necessary, please refer to the respective job descriptions under: Jobs-A-to-Z.Shortened recognition procedure (one-stop)The shortened procedure (one-stop) would be the quickest way for acquiring this recognition for any health profession in Österreich.Sie received skilled recognition inside some hours. They inform themselves no matter if your coaching is offered in the checklist as well as the listed qualification certificates. In the event the physique to become recognized education not integrated inside the list, the recognition of expert qualifications can not be carried out in the shortened procedure (one-stop).The Shortened recognition procedure (one-stop) will stay till additional notice suspended. The physical party visitors (see beneath) attainable from Monday, Could 18, 2020 by appointment only (by phone or e-mail) having a clerk with mitzubringender and wearing protective mask once more. Please do not escorts. Applications for recognition can nevertheless be introduced in writing by post.Information about the shortened recognition procedures might be identified at: Data about shortened recognition procedure One Cease (PDF, 388 KB)Nostrifikation. >

application.For a expert recognition for certain non-physician health experts an application by personal unterfertigtem application is required. Applications could be submitted in person to the service hours, by mail or electronically to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Wellness, Care and Consumer Protection: Application for recognition (PDF, 92 KB)If a resident might be detected in Austria, the naming of a / an address for service is essential: Zustellbevollmaechtigung (PDF, 87 KB)

application for issuance of a duplicate.For the issue of a duplicate / duplicate from the choice, please provide the following documents:Application for a duplicate (PDF, 99 KB) copy with the passport or identity card inside the acceptable name transform detection (e.g., marriage certificate, and so on.) indicating a dwelling address – Meldezettel if obtainable a copy with the then recognition notice.With all the completion with the procedure, management charges are in the volume of about ? 50, – will likely be charged.Exhibition of certifications inside the which means from the Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36 / EC.The recognition of Austrian qualification certificates abroad by the host nation an acknowledgment inside the which means of your Specialist Qualifications Directive 2005/36 / EC could be required (conformity certificate or a certificate with the degree of qualification inside the which means in the Professional Qualifications Directive). The Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs, Wellness and Consumer Protection, at the request of a confirmation.In an application the following documents:completed and signed application type (PDF, 100 KB) to issue a certificate for the purposes of Directive 2005/36 / EC, which includes specifying a delivery address diploma or certificate corresponding using a successfully completed instruction within a non-medical wellness profession for transform of name certificate (eg marriage certificate, and so forth.) copy of passport or identity card.

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